Group Therapy

Group Therapy offered by The Mindful Mommy Therapists

Group Therapy

I am a licensed clinical psychologist offering individual and group therapy. While I enjoy contributing to psychology in many different ways, therapy is my passion. Therapy, or psychotherapy, is a type of treatment for mental health disorders that focuses on your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. I work with clients presenting with various concerns, including perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, depression, and anxiety. The goals of therapy generally include reducing your current symptoms, increasing insight into your past and how it affects you today, developing coping skills and tools to deal with stress and other negative emotions, and improving your relationships.

What is Group therapy?

Group therapy is a type of treatment where a trained professional and several clients (typically around 6 to 12) meet together to work toward a common goal. This form of treatment can be provided via telehealth.

How it works

I run groups for postpartum parents periodically. These groups are closed and time-limited, which means that they run for a specific amount of time and new clients cannot join in the middle of the group. Currently I offer a virtual 6-week group for mothers experiencing postpartum depression and anxiety. The goals of this group include:

Understanding your symptoms
Learning ways to cope with your feelings
Exploring how parenthood has impacted different parts of your life, including your relationships and body image
Connecting with other parents experiencing similar feelings

If you would like to join the next open group or would like to learn more, please contact me at 929-560-4033 or [email protected].

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